Web Data Extractor Professional 4.2

v4.2 (March 12, 2023):

  • A lot of improvements & fixes as per customers feedbacks
  • Javascript support has been improved

v4.1 (December 27, 2021):

  • As part of this release, we have further improved the work of Javascript, thus making it possible to extract email addresses generated dynamically as well as through user sessions stored in cookies
  • Due to numerous requests from our valued customers, we have added a new "Remove / Keep" filter for the custom expression editor, so that users have the ability to designate what data in the search text should contain or not
  • In the custom expression editor we’ve added the ability to leave only a part of the line in results obtained. Expressions to extract part of a string are added through the blank lines after the first main expression
  • Windows 11 support
  • We have fixed some issues as per customers feedback and improved general algorithm a lot!

v4.0 (June 25, 2021):

  • As per customers requests - we added option «Stop Site on First Email Found». It stops checking and searching for data on the site at the moment when the first email address is found there. An excellent option for a situation when you check many sites in URL List mode, you do not want to check sites completely but looking for only the first email address:

  • Very major and important update - we added support for Javascript! You can now fetch data from websites that use dynamically generated content using Javascript

  • The built-in Internet browser which uses "Capture Cookie" and "Custom Data Editor" is now built on the Google Chromium engine. Now you do not need additional pre-installed browsers on your PC for the program to work in these modes
  • We also added many improvements to the algorithm, now the program extracts data much more efficiently. We are still in the process of finalizing many of new options!

Main advantages of Web Data Extractor Professional:

  • Except general extraction data (URLs, domains, meta tags, emails, filter, phones, faxes) WDE Pro maintains Custom Data extraction. This enables you to extract different items of information that are distinctly structured. For example, you need to form a list of products of specified online store. With the help of Visual Expression Builder you can form such a list that you may further use for your own website, research, etc.
  • WDE Pro using 3 separate pools for requests, download and parse data that can be adjusted - it allows you to flexibly adjust the distribution of computer power depending on the quality of your internet channel and the PC power
  • WDE Pro uses a much faster pages parser
  • In WDE Pro used SQLite engine which removes restrictions on db size and is much faster than database that was used in WDE 8.3
  • Significantly improved mechanism of data caching and syncronization between cache and database - it significantly speed up the processing of large sites
  • All results lists are virtualized, it lets you instantly download session and scrool results, which contains million of records. Also added search in results
  • Mechanism of data merge when export results actively uses the disk - it allows you to merge very large lists
  • Option to use proxy servers

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Price List Web Data Extractor Pro

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All (URL, Meta Tag, Body, Email, Phone, Fax) 199.00 Store

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