We are proud to introduce to you Web Data Extractor, a powerful and easy-to-use application which helps you automatically extract specific information from web pages.

This highly customized website spider will find information you required with high profit and speed.

Who needs Web Data Extractor?

1) A businessman. The best way to quickly identify and reach your potential customers and partners is to contact them directly. How to get their contact information? Web Data Extractor will easily do it for you.

2) SEO specialist. Get meta tags and body text from specified websites. Gather analytical information about any websites depending on keyword search results and ranking in different search engines.

3) A marketeer. Collect and analyze the wide range of data that exists on the Internet related to your industry. Generate sales leads, harvest product pricing data, duplicate online databases and so on. Web Data Extractor will also help you with responsible email marketing, web research, etc.

With Web Data Extractor you can automatically get lists of meta tags, emails, phone and fax numbers, etc. and store them in chosen format for future use.

A number of precise settings and filters makes Web Data Extractor the most universal and flexible data extracting application.

It is an industrial strength, a fast and reliable way to extract specific information from the websites and web directories: Google, DMOZ, Yahoo, etc.

Web Data Extractor is a powerful tool for responsible marketing (website promotion, search directory creation, web research).

Take full advantage of Web Data Extractor!

WDE 8.3

  • Simple, yet very powerful software
  • Your complete web data extraction suite
  • Automated web content extraction
  • Fast & productive
  • Captures web data with high accuracy
  • Great search engines list


  • Entirely new powerful spidering engine
  • Completely reworked user interface - slick & sexy
  • Custom data extraction
  • Robust.Net engine keeps searching for days without interruptions
  • Unicode support

Web Data Extractor 8.3

Web Data Extractor Professional 3.10